CLARIFICATION regarding the submission of applications within the electronic management system of RO-CULTURE (EMSC)

Published: Wednesday, 10 Jul 2019

Regarding the submission of applications within the calls for proposals Cultural entrepreneurship enhanced & larger audience developed and Restoration and revitalization of monuments, the Project Management Unit within the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, acting as Programme Operator for RO-CULTURE, issues the following:


Art. 1
In order to submit a project within EMSC the applicant must use an extended digital signature for signing all documents of the proposal, including the documents that are signed by the partner/s according to the provisions of the Applicant Guide.
Art. 2
(1) An applicant can create a single account within EMSC, registered with the fiscal registration code of the legal person.
(2) An applicant can submit maximum 2 project proposals no matter the number of accounts created within the EMSC.
Art. 3 This clarification will enter into force at the time it is published on the dedicated website of RO-CULTURE,
Art. 4 All applicants will ensure the application of the present clarification starting its entering into force.

Access the clarification here.