RO-CULTURE Bilateral Fund

RO-Culture Bilateral Fund has a total budget amounting to 250.000 EUR aiming at to the strengthening the bilateral cooperation between cultural operators from Romania and the Donor States. The Fund for bilateral relations is an integral part of the Programme, granting partnership actions for reaching the following results:

  • Enhanced collaboration between Beneficiary and Donor State entities involved in the Programme;
  • International cooperation in the field of cultural heritage supported;
  • International cultural cooperation in the field of contemporary arts supported.

The results will be reflected in the following indicators:

  • Level of satisfaction with the partnership (disaggregated by Donor State)
  • Level of trust between cooperating entities in Beneficiary States and Donor States (disaggregated by Donor State)
  • Share of cooperating organisations who apply the knowledge acquired from bilateral partnership (disaggregated by Donor State)
  • Projects involving cooperation with a donor project partner in the field of cultural heritage supported (disaggregated by Donor State)
  • International cultural cooperation in the field of contemporary arts supported

The Programme Operator (PO) will use the financial allocation available within the Bilateral Fund in order to:

  • Organize matchmaking events facilitating the search for potential partners (allocated budget: 85,000 EUR)
  • Launch calls for bilateral initiatives (allocated budget: 165,000 EUR)

The matchmaking events will be organised by the PO before launching the calls for proposals in 2018, 2019 and 2020, in order to enhance the search for potential partners, hence, the development and implementation of partnership projects within the Programme. The 3 matchmaking events will gather entities from the Donor States and Romania, meeting and exchanging ideas, competences and common interests that could eventually lead to common projects in the cultural and heritage field.

The matchmaking events address entities that are in search for a partner. If cultural operators have already identified the entity that they would like to cooperate with, it is recommended to communicate directly, meet and develop the project idea.

The matchmaking events have limited budget.

Priority is given to entities that have never participated to matchmaking events.

Find out more about the first match-making event here.

Calls for bilateral initiatives include:

  • 1 call for artistic residences

The calls will be open to those interested (first come first served) and will be available throughout 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The artistic residences will be open in the period between 2021-2022.

Useful information for the entities interested in finding a partner in Romania

Partner search form

It is advised that the process of identifying a potential partner in Romania be initiated with 3-4 months before the launch of the calls for proposals.

Contact details for additional information on partner search for Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein:    


Anna Benedicte Stigen
Arts Council Norway/ Norsk kulturråd

Desiré Hopen Standal
Riksantikvaren - Directorate for Cultural Heritage


Ragnhildur Zoega
National Cultural funding, Creative Europe, EEA grants


Arno Oehri
EEA Grants coordinator in the area of culture

You can extend the partner search by:

  • Individual search using online tools (websites, social media, electronic publications etc.)
  • Direct communication with entities that correspond to the profile of the interested entity
  • Considering former project partners within the EEA Grants 2009-2014 framework