RO-CULTURE Programme is implemented by the Project Management Unit within the Ministry of Culture and National Identity from Romania, in partnership with:


The Directorate for Cultural Heritage

Directoratul pentru  Patrimoniu Cultural

The Directorate for Cultural Heritage is responsible for the management of all archaeological and architectural monuments and sites and cultural environments in accordance with relevant legislation in Norway.

We are responsible for ensuring that a representative selection of monuments and sites from all periods is preserved for present and future generations. The selection of monuments and sites must provide an overview of historical developments, the way of life and the range of works of art and craftsmanship of each period.

We ensure that cultural heritage considerations are taken into account in all planning processes, and that the interests of cultural heritage are safeguarded at all levels in the same way as the interests of society as a whole.
The Directorate for Cultural Heritage comes under the environmental management umbrella, and answers to the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The Directorate collaborates with other directorates in the environmental sector wherever appropriate.

Through education and information we are responsible for increasing awareness among the general public about the value of cultural heritage. We are also the appeals body for decisions made by cultural heritage authorities at county and regional level.

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Arts Council Norway

Directoratul pentru  Patrimoniu Cultural

Arts Council Norway was established in 1965 in order to administer the Norwegian Cultural Fund. Today, Arts Council Norway is in charge of a broad spectrum of administrative tasks and functions within the cultural field, including artists' grants, the Audio and Visual Fund and a number of other funding schemes.

Arts Council Norway is the main governmental operator for the implementation of Norwegian cultural policy. Arts Council Norway functions as an advisory body to the central government and public sector on cultural affairs. The Arts Council is fully financed by the Ministry of Culture.

Arts Council Norway helps to ensure that art and culture are created, documented, preserved and made accessible to the broadest possible audience. The aim is to guarantee an arts and cultural sector in Norway that is vibrant and diverse.

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